Great last jazz concert

As the school year races to an end, we have been experiencing a checklist of “lasts.” Last musical, last all-band concert at school, last play, last guitar lesson, last fee statement (won’t miss that one) and last night we added another “last” to the list: the annual high school jazz band concert, held at a local jazz club here in the Denver area. As usual, the kids did not disappoint.

Ross is playing bass here:

jazz band1

The band’s dedicated bass player graduated last year so the band director approached Ross about filling the slot. Ross agreed to learn the bass as long as he didn’t have to give up playing guitar. Things worked out well, with Ross and the other two guitar players rotating playing bass throughout the concert.

jazz band2

For all you music aficionados, here’s the program:

Bradley’s Groove Shop—Mark Taylor

Escola De Samba—Jeff Jarvis

Autumn Leaves—Joseph Kosma

Benedetta—Steve Spiegl

Back Bone—Thad Jones

A Samba for All Seasons—Bill Liston

Dat Dere—Bobby Thomas

The Jody Grind—Horace Silver

Blow Torch—Les Sabina

Morocco—The Rippingtons

Big Swing Face—Buddy Rich

I recorded a few of the songs, but my in-house tech support person wasn’t available today to help edit, so I’ll try to have something available this weekend.

Great music, great concert, great kids.


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