A weird thing happened

I’ve been wanting to post, but have still felt a bit run down from the shingles. Yesterday I finally caught some wind and was working on a tutorial but ran out of practice fabric, so I had to quit until I could get to the store for more. Big box retailer Hobby Lobby offers cotton solid fabrics at 30 percent off every day, so I pop in every so often for one to two yards of a white/cream and one other color. I use them to make practice blocks before cutting into my good fabric.

The plan this morning was to walk, eat breakfast, knock out a few chores, shower and then buzz over to get the fabric. Instead, I got redirected to the high school to pick up Ross and deliver him to an urgent care facility.

When a freshman drops a cymbal on your toe during concert band, it’s best to get it X-rayed and inquire about stitches.


Fortunately, Ross’s toe looked worse than it was: no breaks and, amazingly, no lacerations even though it appeared to be cut—lots of painful swelling though, so our band baby is limping a little.

I’ll try to have the tutorial up in a couple of days. In the meantime, here are the first 10 Aunt Grace snowball blocks with reproduction green corners:



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