Less of Mr. Shingles and more block drawing

So Mr. Shingles is close to being locked back up in the closet. The anti-virals prescribed by the doctor finally started showing signs of kicking in late Wednesday, early Thursday and it was time to stop being miserable and get on with things.

To that end, I opened up my pieced drawing book from Electric Quilt yesterday

EQ book1

and blew through the last two lessons in chapter one. The chapter is only 28 pages, but contained 60 practice blocks, making the page count deceptively small. The last two types of blocks to practice using the PatchDraw method included kaleidoscope

patch draw kaleidoscope blocks

and octagon.

patch draw octagon blocks

The two were very similar, so it didn’t take long to draw all 12 blocks in both categories.

Here are some layouts with a couple of the octagon blocks:

octagon quilt1

octagon quilt2

Later this week I’ll show you my progress on the spring quilt I talked about a few weeks ago but which got interrupted by Mr. Shingles’ rudely unannounced visit. I count myself lucky to have caught it in time for the medication to work and for not having a severe case of this nasty condition. I realize it could have been a lot worse.

Thanks for visiting.


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