Feelin’ puny

Hello, friends.

I have not posted for a while because I’ve been under the weather and am only now starting to feel a little more energetic. Shingles is one of those inevitable diagnoses brought on by age and that nearly-forgotten-about, unwanted guest called the chicken pox virus that somehow feels itself entitled to live rent-free in your body for decades and then resurface as your worst tenant nightmare.

The most I can show you this week is the next 10 Aunt Grace blocks.


Hopefully things will improve in the next seven to 10 days (that’s the ballpark timeline given by the doctor) and I’ll be back to quilting in short order. Thanks for checking in.



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2 responses to “Feelin’ puny

  1. Yucky!! So sorry, hope you recover full and quickly!

  2. Feel better!! Tell Mssr Shingles to either pay rent or get out, as he is not, in fact, entitled to anything.

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