Homework progress

Two months into the new year, and I’m still keeping up with my self-imposed rule to sew 10 Aunt Grace blocks per week:


and complete two drawing lessons per month in Electric Quilt:

patch draw eight point star blocks

This lesson covered LeMoyne stars, which I found much easier and more fun to draw than circles and arcs.

star quilt

Some of the blocks show seam lines between the star points. Adding them allows EQ to section the block more easily if you want to make the block using a paper foundation. The reason is clear, but if I ever was to attempt the block, I would try set-in seams, as I hate adding seams where they don’t need to be. Fewer seams make for a cleaner block appearance and enhance the structural longevity of the quilt (fewer places to come un-sewn over time).

As I wrote that part about fewer seams, I thought it might be time for me to attempt a LeMoyne star, so I did, and I documented my experience, which I will share with you tomorrow.


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