Game night—without the games

How does this happen?

First, one person in your quilt group suggests the brilliant idea to have a game night, spouses included.

Then you combine the idea with a pot luck dinner and set a date and time.

On the scheduled day, six enthusiastic couples show up at the hosts’ home, congregate in the kitchen and begin visiting.

An hour or more later, you decide it’s time to eat.


You sit down to dinner and continue visiting, completely oblivious to the clock and purpose of the party.

At 8:30, 8:45, one in the group looks at her watch, announces the time and asks if we’re going to play games.


You look over and notice that three of the menfolk have retreated to the family room to catch some of the Olympics.

Others who have been up since very early in the morning to go to work decide it’s really too late to start a game and that we should schedule another time, perhaps earlier, perhaps without dinner in order to squeeze in game playing.


You follow your hostess to her laundry room to look at her new washing machine, help clear the tables, gather your belongings, say your goodbyes and drive home.

You arrive home and say to your husband, “That was fun!” He agrees.

And that’s how you do a game night with no games.


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