A little music, drawings, and some blocks

My vacation from cooking these past two weeks came to an end yesterday now that the high school musical is finished. I enjoyed going up to school with other moms and dads to help serve dinner to the kids during that time, something I’ve missed since marching season ended in October.

The play was All Shook Up, a comedy originally performed on Broadway in 2005, featuring the songs of Elvis Presley.

We’re so proud of Ross for getting top billing in the program under the orchestra list.

We’re so proud of Ross for getting top billing in the program under the orchestra list.

The kids did a great job. It’s a fun play, cute story, funny, and loaded with great music. At the end of the play when the curtain had been drawn and the house lights went up, the orchestra started playing this rock out song and I recorded it. I apologize for the video being so dark; the walls in the pit are painted black, there’s limited lighting and it’s difficult to film through a safety net. Ross is on the far left playing a white guitar. Click here to listen. Pretty good for a bunch of high school kids.

I finally completed another Electric Quilt drawing lesson, this one on arcs:

patch draw arc blocks

At the author’s recommendation, I placed a couple of the more unusual arc designs into layouts, and I have to admit, they are quite striking, although it’s a bit intimidating to think about actually piecing one of these.

arc quilt1 

arc quilt2

I’m also surprised at myself for keeping up with my commitment to make 10 Aunt Grace snowball blocks per week; 130 so far!



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