Inside a high school orchestra pit

Yesterday I did a three-hour shift at the high school to help serve dinner to the kids who are participating in the annual musical production—about 100 of them, including the orchestra and stage crew. I got there early to deliver all of Ross’s gear so he could get it set up before rehearsal—there was too much of it for him to take on the bus.

Since Ross was the only one setting up, I followed him down into the orchestra pit, which was rather cool, and took some photos:





Later, I snuck back into the auditorium and took these:


I noticed a good number of empty chairs and wondered if there were that many kids out sick? The high school has been caught by the norovirus, causing 80 to 100 reported absences on both Thursday and Friday last week. Ross himself has been hanging by a thread for the past five days. He finally succumbed last night and declared that he would not be going to school today; we wholeheartedly agreed. If our poor little band baby feels as bad as he looks, that’s pretty darn bad!


I hope he and all the other kids make a speedy recovery.


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