Back from the cold and frozen south

Houston was COLD last week. Thursday and Friday it was warmer here in Denver than it was in Houston—cold, wet, icy, teeth-chattering, bone-chilling cold—burrrrr! I was so grateful to Rhonda for loaning me her parka and gloves (shiver)!

As usual, I had a great time—got to see the old neighborhood, visit with a few of our former neighbors, see my niece, get a decent haircut from my former stylist, shop at some local quilt stores, have lunch with the girls and marvel once again at the monument to concrete that is now Interstate 10—seven lanes, both sides. What more could a girl ask for?

On Thursday, my niece picked me up at the airport and we went to lunch at one of our favorite pizza places. Dining choices in Denver consist primarily of boring and tiresome chain eateries; the city sorely lacks one-of-a-kind, sole-proprietor restaurants with great food, so when I return to Houston my agenda always includes hitting at least a couple favorite spots since it will be a year before I get to enjoy them again.


Later we went to see her new apartment; it’s in a good neighborhood and close to great supermarkets, tons of office space (if she ever decides to change jobs), and a fabulous bike trail—if she’s so inclined. I’m so proud of her because she managed to get out of a lousy roommate situation before her lease expired—no small accomplishment.

On Friday after my haircut, I ran across the street to Half Price Books and found these:

quilt books1

The blue book titled Taking the Math Out of Making Patchwork Quilts by Bonnie Leman and Judy Martin is a great reference for computing yardage for patterns. I especially like the tables that give you measurements for diagonal sets, including how different sashing widths impact the size of a diagonally set quilt.

The topics addressed in this book are referenced on the back cover.

The topics addressed in this book are referenced on the back cover.

quilt books2

Ever since I started designing, I’ve been on the lookout for block books and I was rewarded this trip with two. I also thought it was time to learn more about color (the book on the left) so I scooped it up. These four books together, all in excellent condition, cost $9.00 to $10.00 less than one brand new quilt book you would find at any quilt shop.


On Saturday, neighbor Joe Ann, Rhonda and her co-worker and I went out to lunch and did our own little shop hop of three stores south and west of Houston. Joe Ann was excited to go to one that had recently opened because she learned it was stocked with Downton Abbey fabric and she just had to have some.

I found some basic Christmas prints

Christmas dots

and a homespun plaid:

purple plaid

Here are the next 10 snowball blocks for my 30s scrap quilt:



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