Back to school

Just to get it out of the way, in my desire to stay accountable, here’s my progress on the Aunt Grace Scrapbag quilt blocks—10 more of them, right on schedule:


One thing I enjoyed doing last summer was participating in Electric Quilt’s summer drawing series, a collection of online tutorials to help EQ users learn more about the four different drawing options available in the software. I liked it so much, I wanted to learn more, so when the company offered these books at 25 percent off right before Christmas, I ordered them—an early Christmas present to myself:

EQ book1

EQ book2

EQ book3

I began with the pieced drawing book since most of my drawing experience in EQ so far has been with pieced blocks. To pace myself, I thought one or two lessons per month seemed reasonable, given that after many lessons you are faced with a full page of 12 practice blocks and the statement, “Try one or try them all!”

These blocks were drawn in PatchDraw using the rectangle grid, and I found drawing them to go much more slowly than drawing them in EasyDraw. I’m guessing when the grid option changes from a rectangle to a circle, arc, eight-point star, octagon or kaleidoscope shape, PatchDraw’s benefits will present themselves.

patch draw rectangle blocks

Since I’m in this for the long haul, I drew all the blocks featured on the practice page and was glad I did. It got me used to using the cloning, rotating and flipping features and helped me become more familiar and comfortable with the tools and features in the PatchDraw drawing option, which is the whole idea, of course. All-in-all, I enjoyed cracking open my new textbook.


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