Welcome 2014

I wanted to write something clever and meaningful like so many others do at the beginning of a new year, but I am too sleep-deprived (don’t know why I had so much trouble falling asleep last night) to write coherently, so you’ll be subjected to whatever pops into my head as I stare at the computer monitor.

One thing I set out to do in 2013 was read books. I confess: except for the newspaper and quilting books, magazines and blogs, I never read. I’m too ADD—highly distractible and lacking in patience to commit to something that may prove too boring or stupid to deem worthy of my time. My thinking began to shift after my mom died when I came across a miniature binder filled with pages and pages and pages of book titles. I think she must’ve gotten to a point where she felt like she needed to record the books she’d read so she could avoid reading them twice.


Leafing through scores of book titles made me ashamed that books weren’t a bigger part of my life. So I made it my goal to read books last year, no set number, just to get started. To my surprise, I did pretty well, finishing eight, at least three of them in excess of 500 pages. I’m pretty proud of that accomplishment and hope to continue the trend.

As for the rest of my life, I find it difficult to set too many goals with a high school senior in the house since his needs come first, but generally, it would be nice to

  • quilt and bind at least two tops in the closet
  • get back into cross stitching
  • develop another pattern

And if that doesn’t happen, I will just defer to my niece’s post from earlier today, as it is the simplest and most honest assessment of life in general:

A summary of my 2013: I did stuff.

A prediction of my 2014: I will continue to do stuff.

And just to stay accountable, I finished another 10 Aunt Grace snowball blocks:

snowball blocks

Happy New Year!


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