Fun at the TSA

Today was our third TSA (Tuesday Sewing Association) meeting and it was loads of fun with lots of projects and creativity concentrated in one place.

Annlee showed us this bright, colorful, intricately pieced quilt that needed some TLC.

old quilt1

She said the owner, whose grandmother made the quilt in 1979, wants the torn patches repaired so she can continue to use it on her bed. As we examined those fragile diamonds, Jo-Anne pointed out that this quilt would be a finger-in-the-dike effort. You fix one area, and soon you’re fixing another, then another—with no ending. My recommendation was to get the owner’s permission to attach a hanging sleeve so she could display it and therefore preserve it in its current condition, which is still good, rather than continuing to use it as a bed cover. Whatever the outcome, I had to take some close-up photos of our favorite blocks:

old quilt2

old quilt3

old quilt4

At our last meeting, Annlee brought 12 gentleman’s fancy blocks made in her favorite blue and white vintage reproduction fabrics.


She made them 10 years ago but never did anything with them because she wasn’t sure how to set them into a quilt.


We laid them out on Jo-Anne’s design wall to start brainstorming, starting with Jo-Anne’s bold suggestion to try cheddar colored sashings.



In no time at all, we had firmed up enough details for me to plug everything into Electric Quilt and come up with a potential layout:

gentleman's fancy

Turns out, she liked it and is going forward with it. In the meantime, it’s been a lot of fun collaborating with her on it. I can’t wait to see it finished and may end making a version for myself—probably scrappy. Before that happens, though, I’ll be leaning on Annlee for advice on how best to combine these special prints and colors.


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  1. Mel

    I’m so envious of your meet ups!! Looks like a good time!

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