Shipping and sewing

Today we packed and delivered to the post office two boxes of goodies for Eric. The deadline to ship for guaranteed arrival in Afghanistan by Christmas is tomorrow, so we beat it by one day. Per his request, and against my better judgment, I included two apple loaves. I’m hoping the cold temperatures between here and there will keep them at least in a semi-frozen state until they are in his hands.

I have been spending a lot of time sewing the past week, but not on any of my projects. I’m helping a neighbor who has a business making T-shirt quilts. In an effort to meet her Christmas deadlines, she asked if I was available to help piece and I said yes. It was interesting for a little while, but after finishing the first one, I was pretty much over it, although it did make me anxious to make one for each of the boys. I finished a second one for her Monday evening and have at least two more, which I will start tomorrow, now that the frenzy of getting Eric’s packages out the door is over.

I wanted to show you the other 1930s quilt project I started in tandem with the one I showed you the other day. Here is the layout:

This was designed by Judie Rothermel, creator of Aunt Grace fabrics, around 2001.

This was designed by Judie Rothermel, creator of Aunt Grace fabrics, around 2001.

The original quilt was 9 blocks by 11 blocks, but I’m making mine bigger, 17 x 19 to use more fabrics, since when it comes to quilting, more fabric is usually better.

AG squares

The snowball blocks finish at 4½” which, with borders, will make the quilt 87″ x 96″, large enough for a king sized bed.  I cut two squares of each fabric so one will have white corners and one will have green corners. Here are the first 10 blocks:

AG snowball blocks


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