A sashiko needle

I’ve been MIA for awhile due to a hectic schedule last week—a good thing because it distracted me from thinking too much about Eric’s deployment on Saturday.

Monday—Return from New York, unpack, laundry, in bed before 9:00!

Tuesday—Quilt group all day and jazz band concert at school in the evening.

Wednesday—College tour with Ross.

Thursday—Make John’s birthday cake, a half-day commitment.

Friday—Lunch with a band mom followed by errands galore.

Saturday—Band party.

While in New York, I visited a nice quilt shop in northern Syracuse and came across this package of needles:

sashiko needles

They’re used for a form of Japanese embroidery called sashiko. I wondered if they would work better than the darning needle for quilting my sweater quilt, and they do!

The shaft on the sashiko needle is more slender and about one-quarter inch longer than the shaft on the darning needle, making it easier to ply through the layers and load more stitches onto it.

Left: darning needle, about 2½" long. Right: sashiko needle, about 2¾" long.

Left: darning needle, about 2½” long. Right: sashiko needle, about 2¾” long.

This needle puts much less stress on my fingers and hands, allowing me to quilt more than one row per day.


Here are some photos taken during my early morning walk on Monday:

morning walk1

morning walk2

I’d really like some fabric in those colors!


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