New book jackets

I felt a little guilty after Rhonda left because the entire time she was here we barely got to the things on her to-do list. In addition to helping bake muffins for the band and shooting pattern cover photos, she also made new book jackets for my dictionary and Thesaurus. Their covers were in such bad shape, some portion of them would remain on the shelf when you reached for the book.

book jacket1

These invaluable books sit close to the computer where we spent a lot of time during her visit. She just could not ignore those sad, tattered covers, and quickly ordered up two brown paper grocery bags.

book jacket2

For nostalgia’s sake, she tucked all the original cover remnants into the backs of the new covers.



I’m glad she made them, particularly since she also labeled them. This was important because her printing is exceptional, whereas mine is—well, there are no words.

book jacket3

No question these will last even longer than the originals. Thanks, Rhonda!



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2 responses to “New book jackets

  1. Rhonda

    Well – I will have a list for you (help organizing my green room) on your next visit. Ha! 
    I had fun and I was not much in the mood for sewing.

  2. Well, that worked out well for me–haha! When I come, I will be ready to tackle the green room!

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