June’s ghost

Okay, so this will win the prize for the most boring post EVER, but if you’re expecting something quilt-related, at least it explains why you will be disappointed. As if the demands of marching band weren’t enough to distract me from quilting, the ghost of June Cleaver—yes, mother of Wallace and Theodore—sporting her prettiest house cleaning dress, high heels, pearls and apron

June Cleaver

has been inhabiting my body for the past two weeks, guilting me into doing long-neglected household chores. She sternly warned that quilting was on the back burner until all the jobs on her to-do list were finished:

I cleaned the floor under the refrigerator in the kitchen, which also included vacuuming the coils inside the fridge,

under fridge

the refrigerator in the basement,

basement fridge

both ovens–

top oven

bottom oven

which required the removal of the doors and bottom panels,

oven door

all the oven racks,

oven racks

and the return air vent cover in the kitchen.

return air vent cover

Although she’s more satisfied now than when she first came, she continues to hold my quilting projects hostage and refuses to leave until the upstairs refrigerator is done. How do I know this? She gave me the look:

June Cleaver2



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3 responses to “June’s ghost

  1. Well, now I’m just feeling remarkably unproductive. Thanks, June.

  2. jo ginther

    Oh heavens, I feel like I have accomplished tremendous feats when I get dressed and get my teeth brushed!! Do you hire out? I will supply the cleaning stuff.

  3. Rhonda

    My house will be ready for you (and June) during your next visit. I cannot wait. Although June is here now, I just chose not to listen to her on most days.

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