Two weekends

I took time off from the sweater quilt Labor Day weekend to work on a Halloween wall hanging designed by my son Eric (that story later). Here are the paper pieced snail’s trail blocks that go in each of the design’s corners:

snail's trail blocks

This past weekend on Saturday afternoon, the marching band performed at the first football game of the season.

Searing heat.

I felt soooo bad for all the band members. With a high of 98 degrees, those poor kids roasted like pigs on a barbeque spit out on the field in their polyester uniforms.

Ross is playing snare just to the left of the flag in the center of the photo.

Ross is playing snare just to the left of the flag in the center of the photo.

John and I joined a group of parents to help the pit crew move their instruments out onto the field and back again for the halftime show and I was amazed at the volume of gear these students are responsible for.

pit crew

We are so proud of Ross. Marching band at our high school is a very big deal; band members are very close and share a bond that transcends the band room and the marching field. After two years in jazz band, Ross announced in January that he wanted to be a part of it and try out for a snare position in April.

He had three months to go from zero to 60 on his instrument, with the knowledge that only two slots out of five needed filling. We were on pins and needles the latter part of April during audition week. Obviously, he made it and we’re so pleased. Behind the scenes is an army of parents who make it all happen, but so worth it in the end. More as the season progresses….


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