Quilting motifs for Cocheco Memories

I’m so excited about quilting Cocheco Memories, especially after I found this motif called Curled Plumes in Volume 8 of the Quiltmaker collection of digitized quilting motifs for Electric Quilt.

CM center motif

I was immediately drawn to it because it was classified as a feather, something I’ve wanted to try and thought would be appropriate for this quilt. Also, the design didn’t appear too difficult in terms of the quantity of feathers and the need to re-trace, which was perfect since I’ve never tackled feathers before.

I enlarged the motif to fit it over the log cabin blocks in the center.

EQ center motif

Electric Quilt has some neat tools to help you size and position the motifs. The pair of boxes to the right of the words “Selected Block” in the upper left corner of the layout indicate the motif’s position in the layout, functioning as X and Y coordinates. To the right is a similar set of boxes that indicate the size of the motif. You can type numbers in the boxes to help you move, enlarge or reduce motifs until you are satisfied with their appearance on your layout.

Then I found this corner motif, also in the Curled Plumes family

CM corner motif

and enlarged it to 27″ x 27″ to fit one quarter of the top.

EQ corner motif

I added three more corner motifs to the layout and rotated them accordingly to fit into the remaining corners. Here’s the layout with all the motifs correctly positioned:

CM quilt design


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