Boy versus iron

Things were quiet around here yesterday. Between four loads of laundry done in order to send Eric back to Fort Drum with clean clothes, I finalized the quilting designs for Cocheco Memories, but more about that later. It was Eric’s last day with us and he asked me to show him how to iron, specifically, T-shirts and how to press the collar on his uniform so it would lie flat. We spent an hour or so at the ironing board, just mom and son, and even though I was imparting knowledge about (yawn) a chore, it was still nice.

It took him a while to get through one T-shirt but he ironed a second one to reinforce what he’d just learned and he finished it more quickly.


My first question about his Army jacket was whether he could starch the collar—no, because it’s treated with permethrin, an insect repellant. Upon learning that, I got an old, clean towel to place on the ironing board just to eliminate the possibility of any transfer of permethrin to the board and subsequently to all the beautiful quilt fabric that ends up there.

The jacket’s fiber content is 50% nylon, 50% cotton ripstop, which I have zero experience with, so I had to make it up as we went along.


We lowered the temperature setting on the iron from cotton to wool, spritzed the collar with water, covered it with a press cloth, spritzed the press cloth, pulled on the end of the collar opposite the iron, then applied heat and pressure, slowly moving the iron along the collar’s length; basically, heating it into submission. Success!

We left at 4:15 this morning to take Eric to the airport. We don’t expect to see him for at least nine months, more likely for an entire year. I hope he makes it back to us in one piece. Shudder.

Eric at airport


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