Parallel paths: kitchen and piecing marathons

Piecing for the Cocheco Memories sampler is done! I stitched the last border on about 10:00 Sunday night.

For the inner border, I used a golden brown moiré print. Because the moiré is fairly pronounced and busy, I decided to fussy cut strips in order to center just one section of the moiré in the border’s width. It wasn’t difficult to do, just time consuming, but worth the effort.

inner border

The finished border measures 1″ so I cut strips 1½” wide. Since the moiré design ran parallel to the lengthwise grain and I only had ⅝ yard, I had to piece the border in three sections to get enough length for each side.

First, I positioned a 20″ square ruler over one of the moiré stripes, centering it between two lines of the ruler from top to bottom. Then I marked the width at the top and bottom of the ruler lines:


Next, I used a 6″ x 24″ ruler to mark the cutting lines from top to bottom


This allowed me to make sure the moiré stripe was centered in the 1″ width. (It’s hard to get a great visual when looking through the ruler.)

center check

When all 12 strips were marked, I cut ¼” from each marked line to get 1½” wide strips.

cutting close up

final strips

The outer border ended up wider than originally intended after I auditioned two sizes. I thought the one on the right was just too skimpy for the quilt; it needed a slightly wider frame.

CM border choices

To keep the busyness of the stripe in check, I made sure the flowers appeared right side up in the borders on the right and left and positioned the same flower at the top. Cutting on print/off grain can be a little scary, but it was necessary for this fabric.

blue fussy cut

Here’s the finished quilt top:

The red you see in the corner 9-patch blocks will be used for the binding.

The red you see in the corner 9-patch blocks will be used for the binding.

Yesterday I made manicotti for dinner

manicotti done

and Eric’s birthday cake—five months early, but I don’t think it’s realistic to assume that shipping a cake to Afghanistan is a smart idea.

Tonight Eric requested rosemary chicken with bow tie pasta and steamed broccoli.



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2 responses to “Parallel paths: kitchen and piecing marathons

  1. annleelandman

    The quilt top looks fabulous! Well done!
    Worth every bit of effort you put into it!
    Wonderful to see the fruits of your labor.
    And the manicotti looks pretty delicious, too.
    Maybe see you soon?
    …just wondering, how are you going to quilt your sampler?? Do I have to wait for your next blog entry??

    • Thank you–so glad you like it! I do have a quilting plan (put it together yesterday in Electric Quilt) and am headed to the quilt shop later this morning to decide on thread. I’ll post about it in the next couple of days. Would love to see you–I’ll give you a call.

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