Return to kitchen duty

I’ve been back in the kitchen the last couple of days. Friday I made zucchini nut bread. One of the loaves is going back with Eric so he can give it to his sergeant. It’s my way of saying thank you to him for getting up at 4:00 a.m. last Saturday to drive Eric to the Syracuse airport so he could start his flight home. It’s a 140-mile round trip. Wow.

I also made Eric’s favorite dessert:


It’s a layer of chocolate between two layers of Rice Krispies coated with melted butterscotch chips and crunchy peanut butter.

Yesterday morning I made marinara sauce for manicotti next week.


John and I continued with Eric’s list of requested meals by smoking a 4-bone ribeye roast (I bought a big one so there would be leftovers). John cut the roast in half so there would be more surface area to coat with our favorite spice rub of garlic, rosemary, salt, onion and black pepper.


To go with the roast I prepped heaps of veggies: carrots, potatoes, onion and fresh green beans. Season with salt and pepper, wrap in foil and place the packet next to the meat during the last hour or so of cooking.

veggie packet

All this cooking is taking on huge significance for me. I really want to make sure Eric’s food wishes are met because he is scheduled to be deployed to Afghanistan in September or October and it will be the last time he will enjoy quality, well-prepared food for an entire year. It’s hard to wrap my mind around stuff like baking his birthday cake in July instead of December because he’ll be in the Middle East in December. I know for the most part that soldiers are reasonably safe, but as his deployment date gets closer, it’s increasingly more difficult to think about my 19-year-old being in a third-world country for even one day, let alone a whole year…. On to quilting before I flood my keyboard with tears.

Between shifts in the kitchen yesterday and today, I also managed to get the last two rows of blocks sewn onto the Cochecho Memories sampler:

CM top

Whenever we see a pretty sky like this, we grab the camera to capture it. Unfortunately, it never looks as good on the computer screen as it does in real life.

pink clouds


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