AC/DC is on my iPod

One of the things contributing to the steady progress on my sampler quilt has been some great music—this time, surprise, from our son Ross. Last week he was in the basement cleaning in preparation for his brother’s visit. (Right now, it’s kind of his space, so he’s responsible for it.) Through the hum of the vacuum cleaner, I heard this song, immediately fell in love with it and ran downstairs to find out what he was listening to.

A couple days later, Ross loaded the CD onto my iPod and I’ve been enjoying it ever since. Two years in the high school jazz band has had a great influence on his listening preferences and we reap the side benefit of his recommendations through an expanded CD library.

Both our boys have a lot of our generation’s music on their iPods, which we love, but it’s fun and admittedly, a little surprising when they introduce us to something we never would’ve considered if they hadn’t been around. That’s how AC/DC’s Shoot to Thrill ended up on my iPod. Turns out, it’s a great machine quilting song.

Here’s the next phase of the Cocheco Memories quilt:


To clear out my sewing room, I also took half an hour to stitch together all the leftover triangles from making the flying geese units.

leftover triangles

These will go in a storage drawer upstairs with good intentions to use them someday. The more likely scenario will be that Ross and Eric will have to dispose of them when cleaning out Mom’s stuff after she dies. If I’m like most quilters, those poor boys will have their work cut out for them!


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