Lazy Sunday

Not much going on today, but I still have a few things to share.

Last night after it rained, John photographed this huge double rainbow:

rainbow set

It was so big, it appeared to cross our street and plant its other end up the hill and two blocks over.

Continuing with Eric’s list of requested food while on leave from the Army, John grilled steaks and fresh asparagus and I made stuffed mushrooms for dinner tonight. As we ate, Eric treated us to stories about how fabulous Army cuisine is–NOT. It’s nice having dinner with all four of us together.


I’ve been working on one of my blog pages today to show you the quilts I’ve made. Click here if you’re interested or click the My Quilts tab at the top of the home page. I’ll be adding items periodically, so check back occasionally for the most recent additions.


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One response to “Lazy Sunday

  1. Those Army burgers, huh? Did you know you can eat them with one hand? 🙂

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