New old books

Eric’s doctor at Fort Polk, Louisiana, finally cleared him to fly. He arrived back at Fort Drum yesterday, safe and sound, sans appendix. He’s going a little crazy with nothing to do while recovering, so last week I shipped him a box containing half a dozen books we picked up at a used book store last weekend.

There is no library on base and since Eric doesn’t have a car, he cannot visit the library in Watertown (take the virtual tour–it’s really cool).

While at the bookstore, I found this little gem of a book in the quilting section—hardbound:

quilt book

The copyright date is 1980 and inside are hundreds of quilt blocks shown in black and white. The author points out, “A quiltmaker can find a pattern he or she likes, count the shades therein, assign corresponding shades of fabric, and be assured the quilt he makes will be a faithful rendering of the pattern.”

I never thought of it that way, but it makes complete sense. The black and white allows you to plug in any color and concentrate on value.

I hope Eric enjoys his books as much as I’m enjoying mine.


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