Sunday driving school

Last Sunday morning John and I accompanied our semi-conscious son (I did say Sunday morning) to a toyota driving expectations defensive driving course. Unbelievably, this 2½-hour event was free and completely void of Toyota marketing except for the cars being driven and the logos on the shirts worn by the instructors. At no time were we subjected to sales pitches of any kind.

The other cool thing about this was the separation of parents from teens, with the teens heading for the test track and the parents funneled into how-to-coach sessions followed by driving sessions dedicated to ABS experience.

toyota manuals

The teens drove cars with ABS, first employing it through straight line, panic stop braking at speeds of 25 and 35 miles per hour, followed by braking to avoid an obstacle. Next, they attempted slalom and crash avoidance exercises followed by a unit on distracted driving in situations like turning corners, avoiding obstacles and multiple signs.

Here is Ross with the other kids after receiving their certificates of participation.

Ross at Toyota

He is very close to obtaining his driver’s license (yikes!) so we saw an opportunity to reinforce things we’ve been telling him by letting him hear them from someone else.


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