A gift from the past

Have a look at this hand pieced double wedding ring treasure my brother and I found in a dresser drawer back in February after my mom’s funeral:

I know, it's not pressed, but hopefully you can still appreciate it through all those wrinkles!

I know, it’s not pressed, but hopefully you can still appreciate it through all those wrinkles!

I think Mom’s late cousin’s husband sent it to her back in the early 2000s. I wish I knew whose work this was because it’s so beautifully done. If Mom’s aunt Hazel made it, this top would date to 1929 or prior because she died that year at the age of 28 or 29. Her daughter Helen, Mom’s cousin, was only nine when she lost her mother.

dwr closeup1

It’s also possible that Helen’s stepmother, also named Hazel, made the top.

dwr back1

All this uncertainty about the date of the quilt top no doubt signals an appraisal sometime in the future.

dwr back2 

I rummaged through a box of old family photos and found this one of Mom’s cousin Helen standing next to her younger sister June.

Helen and June

I love those 1920s dresses, shoes and haircuts! And look at that chair. That has to be one of the worst chair backs I’ve ever seen—ergonomics was definitely not part of life’s equation back in those days!

I love this top and will do it the justice it deserves (hand quilting) but absolutely dread prepping it for quilting as I estimate pressing alone will consume several painstaking hours–ugh.

Here are a few more photos for you. I hope you enjoy studying those old fabrics as much as I do!

dwr closeup2

dwr back3

dwr closeup3


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