Two wedding dresses and a veil

At my parents’ house, while excavating closets and drawers filled with stuff accumulated during 62 years of marriage, I came upon these two boxes:


I was 99 percent certain what was in them but still held my breath while removing the lids. They contained my mother’s wedding gown, worn October 8, 1950

Mom's wedding dress

bodice close up

and her veil:

Mom's veil

It’s a shame these two items sat poorly wrapped in my grandma’s attic for 40 years, exposed to extreme heat and extreme cold. The tulle on the veil was in such a fragile state most of it had torn away from the headpiece.

The dress is made entirely of lace overlaid on what looks to be a satin skirt and bodice. Here is a picture of my mom in her dress with her mother and her maid of honor.

wedding prep

In another box my brother and I found in the basement, we found the handkerchief Mom carried on her wedding day:


My dad gave me permission to take the dress and veil home. I do have plans for them, but they will take awhile to implement.

In a different closet, I found my wedding dress, not nearly as elegant as Mom’s, but still pretty:

Terri's wedding dress1

It’s nothing fancy, but I loved the simplicity of the plain skirt embellished with the lace appliqués at the bottom and the scalloped trim around the hem and the bodice.

Terri's wedding dress2

Terri's wedding dress3 

The short sleeves were a must for a mid-August wedding in Iowa. The other thing I liked about the dress was that it fit my budget!


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