Another gift of nasty weather

It’s been a few days, but I’ve been a busy little quilting bee so there would be something concrete—and pretty—to show you!

xmas quilt progress

On Sunday, I transferred all the quilting motifs for the Christmas table runner to water soluble stabilizer. This consumed most of the day, which consisted of tracing a couple designs followed by finding something, anything to do between tracings to cure the boredom of tracing. Whatever technique you choose to transfer motifs to your top, marking lands in the top five least favorite steps to finishing a quilt.

I returned to the isosceles triangle I drew in Electric Quilt to make the trees:

xmas triangle

I thought it would be cool to draw some scalloped lines to represent garland, but even after positioning the arcs and reshaping them, I was under whelmed.



So I used the Bezier curve tool in the PatchDraw Motif option from the block drawing menu to create gentle, wavy lines:

xmas tree motifs

I made three, which actually becomes six in my world when you flip them onto a light box and trace the reverse image.

Then I found this motif in Quiltmaker:

xmas swirl

Applying brute force with the cursor, I smashed it horizontally and stretched it vertically to make it fit in the spaces between the tree trunks.

xmas white motifs

I had to print the motif in three sizes and cut them out close to the lines to see which one would best fill the space.

After reviewing and rejecting a bunch of options for the trunk motif, I drew this:

xmas trunk motif

As is becoming my standard operating procedure, I used matching thread to quilt each area:

xmas thread

Yesterday, once again, Mother Nature delivered every quilter’s dream: nasty weather—the perfect excuse to stay in and quilt:

Cranking up fast!

Cranking up fast!


I chose this for the back:

xmas back

It’s from the Stonehenge collection by Northcott. I bought it last December when I went shop hopping with a couple co-workers. It was available in both gold and silver so I bought some of each—love it!


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