I put batting in the washing machine

I’m so excited to be done putting the binding on Railroad Ties. Aside from the obvious reason of DONE, the other reason is because I’ve been wanting to whack off one of the two prime sections of excess batting from it to use for the Christmas table runner,

table runner

and I finally did so yesterday when I trimmed the quilt.

However, once I got one of the pieces in my hands, I was a bit surprised to see how dirty it had gotten—ROSS!  Did you clean your guitar with this?

Seriously, it’s been sitting around waiting to be quilted for about one and a half years, picked up and moved here, there and everywhere—so no wonder. So yesterday, I did something that would send some quilters I know into cardiac arrest: I washed it!

The batting is Hobbs Heirloom bleached 100% cotton and it says right on the package that you can pre-wash it.

batting prewash text

The washer settings I used included:

  • ultra hand wash
  • low spin
  • short cycle
  • warm/cold

The dryer settings included:

  • short cycle
  • low heat

I took the batting out after about five minutes and spread it out on the bed to finish air-drying. As a result, there was barely any lint in the lint screen when I pulled it out—probably a good thing.

Instead of regular detergent, I used about ¼ teaspoon of sodium lauryl sulfate (akin to Orvus Paste).

One thing I should have done was measure it before and after to check the shrinkage amount, but I didn’t because, well, I just didn’t feel like it this time.

Now that it’s all nice, bright, and squeaky clean, I can get ready to show you my quilting plan for the table runner.

In the meantime, it snowed Monday night and I have a couple photos to share with you.

This is the snow-laden Colorado blue spruce in our back yard. It’s the only tree growing in the nutrient-deficient clay upon which our house sits.

snow tree

When I saw all the snow piled up on the patio table, I ran for the yardstick to measure how much: 12 inches. It sure doesn’t feel like April, but if this is what it takes to accumulate moisture in a dry climate like Colorado’s, bring it on.

snow table



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2 responses to “I put batting in the washing machine

  1. Well done on finishing your quilt 🙂 I once had to wash a quilt project before it was finished. I had it all taped down to the floor and part way through basting it my dog decided to wee on it…. everything went in the washer, pins and all. The dog was turfed out into the garden….

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