Binding series, part 2: mitering corners

We encountered many customers at the shop who would hyperventilate over the thought of mitering binding corners and none of us could ever figure out why. It’s not difficult at all—you just need to pay a little attention. Here, I’ll prove it:

Picking up from yesterday, you have now sewn the binding strip from the middle of one side to within ¼” of the first corner. The quilt has been removed from the machine and the first corner area is lying on a flat surface in front of you.

Fold the binding strip straight up and away from the quilt to create a 45-degree angle. Use the 45-degree line on a 4″ or 6″ ruler to ensure you have a true 45-degree angle to your binding strip.

binding miter1

Do this by aligning the top and right sides of the ruler with the edges of your quilt. You may have to adjust the binding strip a bit until the 45-degree fold aligns with the ruler line, but when it does, insert some pins from the top to maintain the angle while you finish the miter.

binding miter pin2

Fold the binding strip back down toward the quilt, aligning it with the top and right sides of the quilt, using pins to hold the original miter. Continue pinning the strip in place at least part way down the next side.

binding miter finish3

Mark a small dot ¼” from the top and right sides.

binding quarter inch mark4

binding pencil mark5

Position the quilt under the walking foot and lower the needle into the dot. If you’ve measured accurately, you will feel the needle pierce the bump made from your previous ¼” stop.

binding walking foot6

Sew along the second side. Here are a couple photos of the front and back side of the miter:

binding miter finish double

Repeat these steps for the remaining corners.

Next time: joining binding ends.


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