Binding series, part 1: Attaching binding

Today is binding day for the quilt I named Railroad Ties. Here’s how I do it:

Find the middle of the longest side, measure 2″ to 4″ from there and mark with a pin.

Measure 12″ from one end of your binding strip and mark with a pin.

Align the pin on your binding strip with the pin 2″ to 4″ from the middle and begin pinning the binding to the quilt at that point.

 binding start

Spread the quilt on the floor and arrange the binding strip around its perimeter to make sure seams in the binding do not fall on any of the corners. If that happens, make the necessary adjustments before continuing.

binding seam corner

Pinning while the quilt is spread out on the floor is backbreaking, so move the quilt to a higher surface to pin the binding on. It’s less tempting to stretch the binding if everything is flat.

binding pin

Pin to within one inch of the corner.

Attach your walking foot and insert the needle into the beginning spot identified earlier and begin sewing with a ¼” seam allowance.

binding walking foot

When you come to within seven or eight inches of the corner, stop with the needle down and mark a dot ¼” from both the bottom and right edges.

binding near corner

Sew to the dot, making sure the needle goes through it.

binding quarter inch mark

You may have to take this last stitch manually: Raise the presser foot slightly (if you have a knee lift feature, this is a time to use it) nudge the quilt under the needle and turn the fly wheel to ensure it exactly pierces the dot.

binding needle in dot

Stop sewing here.

binding turn quilt

With the needle down, turn the quilt 90 degrees so you are ready to stitch along the next edge. Instead of sewing forward, backstitch off the edge (usually three to four stitches, depending on stitch length) and back tack forward a couple of stitches to secure. You can clip the threads or tie a knot–guess which one I do?

binding back tack

Remove the quilt from the machine and lay the first corner section on a flat surface.

Tomorrow I’ll review mitering corners. Thanks for visiting!


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