Dinner and binding clips

Last night two friends from the shop treated me to a last-day-of-work dinner during which Marge gave me this cool gift:

box of clips

They’re cute little clips you use instead of pins. They are great for holding binding in place while hand stitching it to the back. The red portion is contoured to accommodate the binding’s bulk without distorting it.

single clip

The bottom is flat and marked with seam allowances measuring 3/16″, ¼” and ⅜”. This allows you to position the clip to a specified binding width and machine stitch the binding from the front with the assurance that you will also be securing it on the back. Hmm, even after saying that, I’m still not sure exactly how that would work, but it sounded good when Annlee was explaining it to us. Still, it doesn’t matter much because I have no plans to finish a binding by machine. I’m just overjoyed at the—OW—prospect of no longer—OW—enduring hundreds of pinpricks while—OW—hand stitching the binding—OW—to the back!

The fun part was realizing that I will never use all 50 clips at the same time, so I counted 25 for Marge and she gave Annlee five out of that to add to her collection of 10 at home. I think we’re all set!

Thanks, Marge, from me and my hands!


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