Last day

My last lunch at the shop....

My last lunch at the shop….

I’m very sad today as it is my last day to work at the quilt shop. The decision to leave was both easy and difficult. The difficult part will be saying good-bye to all my wonderful co-workers who have taught and inspired me so much:

Marge: for her incredible ability with scrap quilts, including a well-honed talent to sift through myriad fabrics and make sense of print scale and light/medium/dark issues that surface with that type of quilt. Her kindness and her sense of humor made it easy to go into work every Thursday.

Annlee: for her gift at putting together vintage/reproduction fabrics in just the right way (all the while needlessly stressing whether it looks good), her kindness and sense of humor.

TJ: for her vast knowledge of the hundreds of notions carried in the shop, her stories, her endearing, slightly faded southern accent, her kindness and sense of humor.

Kim: for her masterful ability to put fabrics together for any quilt design, her enthusiasm to discuss different piecing, marking and quilting techniques with you and  her willingness to swap days with all of us at almost any time.

Linda: for her deep and abiding love of 1930s and vintage/reproduction fabrics and her ability to make the most awesome color packs. Her quiet, gentle way with customers serves as an example to us all.

Bonnie: for her unbridled sense of adventure when it comes to new tools, rulers and gadgets, for her patience training me when I first started, and for cheering me on when I was developing my first pattern—she actually made the quilt!

McKenzie: for his zero-to-60-in-4.2-seconds desire to learn everything there is to know about everything quilt-related in the shortest amount of time possible.

I shall miss all of you and still miss all who have gone before you, but it’s time to move on.




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2 responses to “Last day

  1. Rhonda

    Good for you. I must hear all the details on our next 3 hour chat – or will it take longer. 🙂

  2. annleelandman

    You will be sorely missed, Terri! It’s the shop’s loss and your liberation! Hope you enjoy your new found freedom.

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