Excused absence

Sorry for my absence from this site for most of last week, but there’s a good reason: I’m done quilting my fourth pattern sample, Railroad Ties—yay!

Today I’d like to show you how I lock the beginning and ending stitches of my quilting lines.

Pull the top and bobbin threads to the back.

pull threads

both threads pulled

Tie a knot. Tie another knot.

threads knotted

Thread both tails into the eye of a basting needle.

basting needles

Insert the point of the needle into the batting layer close to the beginning of the stitching line.

insert needle

Guide the needle as far into the quilt as possible, emerging at least two inches from the point of insertion. Check before pulling the needle all the way through to make sure it hasn’t poked through to the top–you want to stay between the layers.

guide needle

Tug on each thread tail to pop the knot inside. Keep a gentle pull on the thread tails and clip. They will release back into the layers.

clip threads

This can be tedious, but I’m a stickler for neat backs, so tying and burying remains my favorite method of anchoring quilting lines.

Up next: binding this puppy!


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One response to “Excused absence

  1. Rhonda

    Yea! Done with quilting. I cannot wait to see the final product; online and in person.

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