Getting off on the right foot

When I first began free motion machine quilting, I went out and dutifully purchased this darning foot:

darning foot

I quilted with this foot a lot, but grew increasingly frustrated that my skill level was not rising in proportion to the amount of time I spent using it. And yes, I’m fully aware that free motion quilting is not synonymous with instant gratification.

After doing a little research, I went back to my sewing machine dealer and purchased this open toe darning foot:

open toe foot


Can you say vastly improved visibility?

open toe in machine

I could not believe how having a portion of that circle removed made such a huge difference in my ability to see my work. The open toe also made it much easier to draw the bobbin thread up. Why did I waste so much time with that other foot?

darning foot in machine

Now that I have a better presser foot, it’s up to me to continue practicing and honing my free motion skills. But what a relief to know I wasn’t the free motion dud I thought I was before the open toe foot came into my sewing room.



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2 responses to “Getting off on the right foot

  1. jo ginther

    I totally agree about the open foot!! Much easier to see what is going on!

  2. hannah slater

    I cannot wait to see this one done!

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