Shirt rescue—with scissors

Do any of you Moms have sons like ours who refuse to wear long sleeved shirts? What’s up with that anyway? I used to think that our boys’ aversion to long sleeved shirts was because they grew up in a warm climate wearing nothing but short sleeved shirts. In fact, I’m sure there was a period of time when they were no more aware of the existence of long sleeved shirts than they were of derivatives in the stock market.

Still, when we moved to Colorado and began acquiring cold weather clothing, they staunchly rejected long sleeved shirts. I learned this after buying these for Ross:

shirt pile

He wore one shirt one time and promptly abandoned all three to the back of the closet. If it got really cold, he would simply throw on a heavier fleece jacket. Sigh.

Then I remembered a past doctor’s appointment where I expressed alarm at the quantity of food our boys were consuming. Our pediatrician said at their ages, between growing and physical activity, they were close to a 3,500-calorie expenditure per day. That’s a lot of heat, so I understood a little better.

shirt cut1

Last week, I did the only thing left to do: cut off the sleeves to render the shirt wearable by a teenage furnace.

shirt cut2
Will it work? I’ll keep you posted.


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