Science alert: matching gene discovered

NOTE: If you’re interested, click on the ABOUT tab to view a couple photos of our boys when they were little.

I’ve mapped out a quilting strategy for the lawn chair quilts: all straight lines done with the walking foot.

lawn chair quilting

After much deliberation, I decided against variegated thread and .004 nylon thread and bought these spools of 50-weight, 100 percent cotton, 3-ply Presencia thread for quilting. I needed a large assortment to match 20 different fabrics. Now that I’m thinking about it, the matching thing is so my mom. It all makes sense now. Clearly, the matching gene is encoded in my DNA, passed along from her.

blue thread

Quilting with this thread is easy. It’s strong, behaves nicely and looks fantastic. After staring at all the spools in this photo, it occurred to me that I just might be on my way to becoming a thread junkie.


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One response to “Science alert: matching gene discovered

  1. Rhonda

    Not becoming a thread junkie – are a crazy thread junkie – crazy in a good way. Looks like lawn chair ribbon.

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