Mainstreaming again

I think I might be ready to re-enter mainstream society full time now after losing my mom. In the past week, I engaged in near complete reality avoidance through a wonderful British television drama called Downton Abbey. I watched all three seasons in one week. I was so immersed, so captivated by it, I almost became British by osmosis. It provided a wonderful escape from the stress of losing a loved one and all the family dynamics that accompany such an event.

First, here’s what we saw when we opened the garage door last Sunday evening in preparation to shovel the driveway:

snow formation1

About three feet high, this drift sort of looked like a frozen surfing wave.

snow formation2

On to quilting. I made significant progress on the blue/white lawn chair quilt last weekend, considering how OCD I am when it comes to laying out fabric patches. I used 20 fabrics to minimize repeats and to add variety. It’s not a true scrap quilt, more like controlled scrappy. It’s also not a true scrap quilt since I used fat quarters and quarter yard cuts, but we can pretend, can’t we?

first ten blue batiks
I envy those quilters who can grab patches at random and sew them together unfazed. I tense up just thinking about it. I had three rules to achieve an even distribution of the prints:

  1. Have no more than two of any one print in each size on each side of the quilt.
  1. Alternate the position (left/right and top/bottom) of like prints within the blocks.
  1. No two same sized prints could be paired together more than once.

second ten blue batiks

Before snapping the photo for the previous post, I found I’d violated rule numbers two and three in the same block. Yep, I un-sewed the illegal block, flipped, swapped and re-sewed. Crisis averted.



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2 responses to “Mainstreaming again

  1. hannah slater

    You are to funny terri! What a nerd, but I do think nerds are the best kind of people. It’s good to be OCD about something in your life. PS. I love all the pieces you chose for your latest project.

  2. Rhonda

    Well, it is 78° and clear here in Houston. Great weather day! And now that you are completely caught up on Downton Abbey you have to wait until January 2014 for series four. It is excruciating. 🙂

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