It’s fun to be naughty

We visited three quilt shops and one bookstore in Houston and I misbehaved at every one. In my defense, however, I did not blow the  Christmas money from my dad on the after-Christmas sales here because I was hoarding it for the Houston trip. So in that sense you could say I was good.

One of my favorite places to find quilt books in Houston is at Half Price Books. I found these titles:

quilt books

The 120 Patterns for Traditional Patchwork Quilts by Maggie Malone, copyright 1983, was used but in mint condition for $4.99. It may prove a great resource for future designs I create. The baby quilt book was 2/3 the original price. Overall, not a bad score in the literature department.

Now for the fabric finds:

I purchased two yards of the awesome turkey red on the right—the perfect shade of red. Both reds could be used in a variety of projects, including Christmas.


A couple of homespun plaids:

blue homespun plaids

A cute 1930s Aunt Grace print:

Aunt Grace fabric

The bluebonnets and Indian paintbrushes growing along Texas highways are a delight to behold each spring. Some day, I’d like to design and make a quilt honoring these beautiful wildflowers. I’ve been purchasing wildflower-themed fabrics for a couple of years and added these to my collection:

bluebonnet fabric

With my weakness for Christmas fabric, I could not pass up these:

Christmas fabric

And finally, some miscellaneous fabrics which, believe it or not, I do have plans for:

miscellaneous fabric


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