Back home…

I’m back from Houston, settling into the family routine again. Had a good time with Rhonda, Susan and Joe Ann. Great weather until Tuesday when the humidity returned. The azaleas were just starting to bloom:


The sewing marathon on Saturday was fun. I met a nice group of women and enjoyed getting to know them a little and learning about their projects.

Here’s Carolina with a scrappy pineapple quilt she was finishing for her brother-in-law.

Carolina pineapple quilt

Here’s a close up of one of the pineapple blocks and Carolina’s free motion meander quilting which I think was done without a stencil or marking of any kind—brave girl! I would not have the confidence to attempt that without following a line. She layered the quilt with flannel in the middle.

pineapple block

Here’s the back of her quilt. I’m a sucker for pieced (scrappy) backs, so I just had to photograph it.

pineapple back

Here’s hand quilter Nancy with her current project, an ambitious appliqué beauty with 16 leaves, four stems and 28 circles per block. When asked how many blocks she planned to make, Nancy was wisely non-committal, leaving her options open. At least four, maybe more; it would all depend on how she felt after making a couple. I completely understood.

Nancy applique block

Meet Linda with her in-progress, hand pieced Grandmother’s Flower Garden top, the gush factor for which I rate a 10/10. She said it takes about two hours to sew the first set of hexagons to the diamond’s center. Knowing that, I’d say the gush factor just climbed to 100!

Linda's hand pieced hexagons

hexagon close up

This is my former neighbor Joe Ann striking a Vanna pose to show off her lawn chair quilt. I love how cool and summery fresh this looks.

JoeAnn lawn chair

When Joe Ann’s not working on a quilt, this creative, generous lady keeps busy making adorable dresses, booties and blankies for her soon-to-be-born granddaughter and little gifts for everyone else she knows. She embellished these nondescript tool aprons from Home Depot and gave one to every member of her sewing group. Very sweet!


Lunch break with Joe Ann, Chris, Carolina, Nancy and Sam (Nancy’s husband).

lunch break

More on my Houston trip next time. Thanks for checking in!


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