Fitting quilt motifs to the border corners

Fitting the corner motif to the border of my niece’s baby quilt, Nap Time, presented a challenge. Here is the EQ layout with one border motif correctly sized and positioned (loops facing inward) on each side of the quilt, plus the corner motifs sized to 4½” (border width).

EQ border1

What exactly am I supposed to do here? The double loops straddling either side of the center loop in the corner motif head in the wrong direction. Adjustment seems impossible, and already I’m thinking I made the tragic mistake of positioning the loops inward facing.

Now look at the layout with the loops facing out:

EQ border loops out

Not perfect, but it may have potential. I scooted the side motifs away from the upper left corner a bit and then enlarged the corner motif until the smaller loops in it connected with the loops to each side.

EQ border corner enlarged

It could work, but I rejected it because I wanted more quilting in the corners than the single loop would provide.

Time to fly by the seat of my pants.

Tracing from this printed image,

border corner motif print out

I first drew the large center loop onto my paper border.

center loop in border corner

Now what? As I studied the printed corner motif, I noticed there were three different loop sizes in it. I decided to incorporate two of the smallest loops on either side of the large center loop because they would fill the space best without having to be re-sized. And although two small loops together would interrupt the big loop/small loop sequence playing out on the sides, I was satisfied because, by itself, the corner motif was symmetrical.

I used a circle template (different from the one shown in the previous post) to draw smooth connections between the small loops in the corner and the side motifs.

combo circle template

Here is how it looked when I finished:

final border corner design

Turns out, I ended up adjusting the first corner motif after all.

left corner adjusted

Sometimes you have to go the long way around to get to where you want to be.


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