What about the ditch quilting?

One thing I neglected to mention in my first post was that before doing any free motion quilting, I always ditch quilt everything—okay, not everything—but still, a lot–with my walking foot. This serves two purposes:

  1. It anchors the layers together in preparation for free motion quilting.
  2. The more heavily quilted it is, the longer the quilt will hold up to wear and tear, particularly that imposed by a child.

Since this was going to a boy (and I know boys!) I wanted the quilt to withstand lots of tugging, dragging and washing without the batting clumping together caused by too much space between quilting lines.

ditch quilting

The black dashed lines superimposed on the above photo indicate where I quilted in the ditch: not only between all the rows and columns, but also within all the blocks and along both borders. (Note: I did not mark every single line of ditch quilting, just the basic areas so you get the idea.)

For the ditch quilting, I used 50-weight, 100 percent cotton Presencia thread in matching colors. I used the same weight and brand of Presencia in the bobbin, but in a cream color to blend with a multicolored print on the back.

Presencia thread

I love this thread for machine quilting, not only for its strength, but also because it just looks pretty.

Okay, the next post will cover borders.


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